The S-Tracker System

The S-Tracker Brand

The S-Tracker System is designed around our very diverse group of customers, even down to the name of the system. For some customers, it is all about their service; so the "S" represents tracking their Services. For others, it is about their Sales; so the "S" represents tracking their Sales. And, still others focus on the bottom line; so the "S" gets a line drawn through it to represent tracking their $ dollars! The S-Tracker System: Tracking what is important for our customers!

Flexible Menu and User Interface

For a diverse group of customers, let's talk flexibility. How do you like your menus? How about customizable by user preference and by the user?


Each user may choose their own preference for the look and feel for their interface with the system. Choose the buttons if coming from a Peachtree environment, menu tree or horizontal for a multi-layered interface, or tiles for a tablet! Translation: Improved productivity!

Forms and Customer Reports

Your forms represent your company; making them fit with custom designs to match your unique presentation is often overlooked due to standardization, rigid software guidelines, and cost justification. We believe you should have complete control over your forms and the way they represent your company. You won't have to redesign everything; use our forms, modify our forms, or design your own. We leave this completely up to you!

Let's look at some examples:


The landscaped form (a working sample) to the left was created in a process very similar to creating a report in Access (not Access, but similar). All of the forms are designed directly within the S-Tracker System without external programs, add-ons, or "bolt-on" requirements. One great price gives you everything you need in one great system!


Job cards or inspection forms are generated from within the system. Templates are designed within the system. System information populates where required, such as with estimates, invoices, or checks. Live data is entered when required, such as with inspections. Templates or live entry data may include pictures, schematics, specifications, custom or equipment specific instructions, or that which is required to make these forms your forms, unique to your company, and specific to your customers.


This means your inspection and job card data gets entered and "captured" in the system; there are no other programs required and no concerns about compatibility! Your version of Windows or Microsoft Office will no longer control how your forms print. No more expensive printers to purchase to satisfy form requirements. Take control over your forms!


Each of the form examples shown here were created in less than twenty minutes starting with a sample template. Multiple forms may be designed for separate departments within the same company. Special forms and reports may be created for the unique specifications of your individual customers and used solely for that customer.

Concerned about the talent resource for designing your forms? Most high school students graduating today have the skill level required to design the forms in the S-Tracker System. Our talented support team will assist with training and kick-starting your team with their first two forms!

Of course, we configure our standard forms to use your logo and company information, so you can conveniently begin printing the standard forms on system launch day! No need to customize immediately.

It is Time to Track it!

Let's not gloss over the core features or the life-blood of any service repair system: job, service, and resource management! We cannot ignore the current market absence of an integrated system to manage capacity and resources for service repair!


Let's start with tracking labor resources: Now there is a place within the same system where jobs are managed and scheduled to track employee skills and certifications. Skill levels are tracked against job or customer requirements (confined space, contractor certifications, customer site safety training certificate, journeyman, etc.). Only employees matching skill or certification levels are available for matching the schedule.

Employees are flagged when reaching set fatique levels; you define fatique levels as the number of weeks working over a set number of hours, such as five weeks working over 60 hours or four weeks working over 70 hours.


While labor is a valuable asset, let's not forget your investment in tools, machines, panels, and other equipment required to complete your services. Now you can track assets on the shop floor, in the field, on customer sites, or in your office.

Tracking your assets on the jobs or projects provides their physical location within the system, but let's take tracking your assets one step more: Track their calibrations! Flag the assets requiring adjustments before they start failing, record and schedule calibrations, record generated sales from the assets, and analyze how they are being used!

Track your rental assets, calculate net revenue and costs, and complete life cycle adjustments based on usage. Track rental calibrations and generate reports for rental customers.

Track your asset depreciation and analyze net value against net revenue. Now you have the tools to make the right decisions regarding your assets


Tracking safety and employee training is less of a hassle for your compliance manager when it is part of the same system! Document incidents, injuries, and corrective actions. Issue corrective action reports and maintain safety audit controls. Schedule safety meetings and employee training within the system to measure against resource and labor availability. Safety meetings and training events are integrated with the capacity planning to predict scheduling conflicts with production managers.

Employees past due on training or requiring recertification on skills are flagged for the production managers and supervisors.

External safety or training documents are easily scanned and maintained within the system!


Track your labor activities tied to assets on the shop floor.

Example: Machining labor is scheduled with a lathe to track usage and capacity with machining. Allocate costs for labor and the lathe at the G/L account level; group the lathe with all machining or separate, your choice. Track the additional cost associated with the lathe and manage the overhead attached to running the lathe, as in power consumption, cutting bits, cutting lubricant, etc.

This is just one example, however you choose your detail level. Keep it simple or go as complex as you require, it is your choice. We provide the tools, you choose how to use them to track the costs most important to you.

The S-Tracker System: Tracking your costs at your level!

But Wait! There's More!

(Yes, we know... over-used on infomercials, but so true here we couldn't resist!)

Real Time Status Tracking and Alerts!


Track your system status and stay on track with the email workflow settings. This simple tool sends alerts to email groups or individuals for specific events within the system. Is there a new job? A new PO? Are there quotes needing approval? Tie the alerts to events within the system and never miss a step in your workflow. Set restrictions on jobs or purchase orders while monitoring their progress; nothing escapes your ability to track it!

Time to Track it with Simple Settings!


Track what is important to you and your business; keep it simple or build it up with simple settings, such as:

Set your shop employees up to run as teams with a team leader;

Set Job Authorizations to limit unauthorized work or unapproved work, then approve the work from any device (including your smartphone);

Set Plant File for managing assets, tools, and equipment, set multiple files for multi-location or tracking;

Set Manufacturing Procedures for bills-of-material, made-for inventory items, or assembly type items;

Set Work Instructions with confirmations for tracking compliance and documenting completion.

Track Customer Storage, Customer Assets, and Generate Revenue!

Track your customer's storage items with the Customer Asset Tracker. Track their location in your warehouse, maintenance schedule, and job history… or, track life cycle history and predict/plan for the asset replacement! Track by the asset quantity or footprint in your storage program, then generate re-occuring revenue!


Assign controlled customer access to your S-Tracker System and allow them to track their own assets. You control what they see, including their own assets in a managed storage program, their jobs in your shop, their place on your schedule, your inventory, their sales orders, quotes, etc. Give them access to just one area or several areas, you choose their settings and track their activity!

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