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Business Consulting: What does it mean for you?

By definition, business consulting is a service to improve performance, primarily through an analysis of existing organizational structure and processes, followed by the development of plans for improvement. For this service to be effective, we believe it must be personal and in-touch with the team it serves.

A good consultant is not defined in the board room or conference room, but rather in the trenches. At Admin Resource and Services, Inc., we believe it is required to "plug in" to an organization wherever necessary to get the job done. We don't just analyze, develop a plan, and leave; we become part of your team as we look at the process flow and organizational structure, we plan for improvement with your team, and we do what is necessary for your success... sometimes, that means getting in the trenches, working in the shop or in the field, and getting a little dirty to provide a solution.

We Provide Enterprise Class Software Solutions

Whether a two person store front or a multi-national company, we have a robust, scalable solution for you.

We develop, distribute, and support software applications for customized solutions. To meet or exceed our customer's expectations, we do the research and find the right applications for our customers or we design and develop them ourselves. Our solutions are designed to be scalable and adaptable across small and large organizations, compliant with local or cloud processing, with data archives or storage at the local or remote levels.

In 2016, we released the S-Tracker Bit Cube option for the AddonSoftware® based Master System®. This powerful analytical tool uses twenty-four unique Bit Cubes extracting data from your system and replacing 95% of all Master System reports, including financials, sales analysis, & job reporting! The Bit Cubes overcome the limitations on financial reporting, allows multi-level sales analysis, multi-job detailed cost analysis, WIP detail analysis, and streamlines inventory replenishment analysis. The average estimate to actual Bit Cube averages labor and material using all 25 nameplate fields (or a selection thereof) for your criteria! Look at all history for all customers, all vendors, all inventory, all sales, and all jobs in each of their respective Bit Cubes for every year you have recorded. Complete multi-year comparisons on every G/L transation, on your P & L Reports, or your Balance report... for every year you have recorded! Click Bit Cubes to find out more, or contact us with your questions and to schedule a demonstration using your own system information.

In 2017, we are unveiling our flagship software solution, the S-Tracker System. We are currently working with customers to complete our alpha and beta site testing. Contact us at Team S-Tracker if you would like to schedule a demonstration, have questions, or would like to learn more about the S-Tracker System.

As solution providers, we carry our consulting responsibilities throughout the integration process. We will do as much or as little as you require, but our goal is not to put more tasks on your priority list. We provide personalized consulting and training for the integration of each of our software system solutions, whether that means being on-site and face-to-face, remote review and training online, or providing access to our growing video training library, our goal is to be the complete solutions provider for your organization.

From start to finish, let us help you with your software solution.

About Our Company

Our corporate office is located in the historic district of Elmore, Ohio.


With our corporate office located in Elmore, Ohio, our team works at this location, as well as remotely from various parts of the globe. Our team is comprised of direct employees, sub-contractors, trusted software suppliers, and hardware vendors coordinating together with the common goal to exceed our customer's expectations.

Our business strategy is simple: We believe that in taking care of our customers, our customers will take care of us. Our customers have proven this to be true since we started in January of 2014.

Meet Our Newest Team Member: Nancy Laporte


After graduating from the University of California, Nancy Laporte began her career with MicroAccounting Systems, Inc. Within a few months following her employment, the company purchased the software developer, AddonSoftware (the base system for the Master System) and assumed the AddOn name. She was fortunate to become involved in every aspect of the business from software development to testing, documentation, product release, marketing, and sales. She rose within AddOn to become National Sales Manager.

Her desire for direct contact with the user provided an opportunity to become a Customer Service Representative with one of her clients, Application Computer Systems. The move from AddOnSoftware to ACS was like moving from the software tower to the trenches and she loved it. At ACS she learned the electric motor shop industry and worked with customers daily answering questions and creating solutions.

In 2014, her family (her husband, kids, dogs, cat, and hedgehog) relocated to Phoenix, AZ where she and her husband successfully opened their own business outside the software world. According to Nancy, "Things were going smoothly, but it felt like an early retirement with no mental challenge." She added, "The opportunity to work with a team like Admin Resource and Services was too good to pass up. I look forward to bringing my past experience and knowledge together with new technology and products to serve our customers."

We are very pleased to have Nancy as a key member of our team. With her diverse background and experience, coupled with her "go get 'em attitude" and tenacity for finding solutions, she compliments our team and will ensure we continue to exceed the expectations of our customers!

Company, Team, and Personal Integrity

We believe integrity cannot be purchased nor sold; it is the one element in a business which is easy to lose and impossible to regain. Glenn Sasscer, our team leader and business owner, believes his personal integrity, his team's integrity, and his company's integrity is measured against every transaction, whether the value of the transaction is a penny or over six figures.

Integrity matters.

For this reason, we measure every task to the value it brings to our customers; we believe it is better to take a loss on an invoice than receive bad money. We are not perfect and while it does not happen often, we will not bill a customer to correct our own mistakes. Additionally, we will credit a customer if we believe our mistake has caused them undue hardship or loss.

We believe in earning the trust and respect of our customers. We believe in bringing value to our customers and earning every penny shown on our invoices. We believe bad money is like a curse against a business, like a cancer to be avoided at all costs... and we mean, at all costs.

"A person is only as good as their word; a team is only as good as the persons on the team; and a company is only as good as the team behind it." - Glenn Sasscer

This is not a slogan, an ad campaign, or a marketing gimmick. This is our standard of practice and the way we do business.

We are Admin Resource and Services, Inc. and we are Team S-Tracker!

Software Systems Solutions

For the S-Tracker System screenshots and features, check out the S-Tracker System Highlights.

For the S-Tracker System Bit Cube Option for the Master System®, check out the Bit Cubes.

The S-Tracker System Development Concept

The S-Tracker System branding, layout, and design, was developed by the Team S-Tracker lead, Glenn Sasscer. Glenn brings over twenty years experience working for and with electro-mechanical service companies to invest his experience and understanding of the market in every aspect of the system design. This experience includes working for a multi-location electric motor service and industrial distribution company, as well as providing consulting and system solutions to over 300 service and distribution companies throughout the United States, Canada, and South Africa.

Glenn's unique experience includes an in-depth knowledge of system solutions available for the electro-mechanical market today. With knowledge of the strengths and weakness of not only the system solutions, but the companies supporting those systems, he has developed a system and business model designed to overcome problematic weaknesses in current offerings.

Glenn believes the company offering the system is as much a part of the system solution as the actual system, although this is often overlooked. Providing a system without understanding the market is a disservice to the customer, just as attempting to support and train the end-user with little to no understanding of their jobs, positions, or working environment will only frustrate them.

Part of the S-Tracker System design is Team S-Tracker. This team understands YOU are the customer. We have a working knowledge of your market and we are able to relate to your employees. We have held form coils in our hands, bruised our shins on motor shafts as we walked through the shop, felt the floor vibrate from the test run of an unbalanced motor, felt the heat and know the smell of a burn-out oven, and we will be impressed by the size of your VPI tank.

Part of the S-Tracker System design is the system: the only system in the U.S. and Canadian markets to address the management of job service shops or field service from the service manager's desk, with capacity planning, employee and resource management scheduling, accurate-to-the-resource costing methods, and a full spectrum of reporting and analysis tools. Inclusive with these service level features, the system still addresses executive and mid-level team management and reporting for services and product sales.

With the Bit-Cube analysis tools, the S-Tracker System redefines the software system tools this industry uses and sets the standard far ahead of our competition. When the industry is accustom to exporting batches of data to external spreadsheets, Access databases for review, or third-party products for review, giving the customer the Bit-Cube analysis ability within the system is a game changer. Note: The Bit Cube option is integrated within the S-Tracker System, but also available as a stand-alone option integrated with the Master System (Bit Cubes).

Remember: We know the strengths and weaknesses of the other solutions on the market. We designed our system to overcome the common failings, both in the company and the product.

What to know more? Check out the S-Tracker System Highlights.

The S-Tracker Bit Cube Options for the Master System®

The S-Tracker Bit Cube option for the Master System brings your analytical tools to a new level. We use 24 Bit Cubes to replace over 95% of the system reports in the Master System, including financials. Check out our recent promotion for the Bit Cube option integrated with the Master System: Bit Cubes.

Stop being limited to three years on your financial reporting; complete multi-year financial reports, multi-year Balance Sheets, and multi-year P & L comparisons! Complete multi-year sales analysis with numerous sort depths. Complete average estimating reports on labor and material using all 25 nameplate fields (pick the ones you want to use in or out of sequence).

It's like taking what you are using now and putting it on steroids for your business!

The Master System®

We still support, modify, enhance, train, and consult on the Master System. We are not including a picture here; if you use it, you know what it looks like.

Customer Resources and References

The S-Tracker Video Resource Library

Each installation of the S-Tracker System includes access to our growing video resource library. The video resource library is your direct access to our references 24/7 for training and support! Most training clips are covered in five minute segments starting with the basics and progressively advancing in system tasks. Ask your system administrator for access today!


The S-Tracker Library References

In addition to our video resource library, each installation of the S-Tracker System also includes access to online manuals, reference materials, and templates available exclusively to our customer network. These references include quick, bullet-point How-Tos, FAQs, and support steps that may be referenced in our video resource library.

Concepts and Philosophies

The Jerry Maguire Approach to Customer Service

One important issue in customer support is understanding the priorities and goals of our customers. While we may never completely grasp every facet of their jobs, we need to appreciate their struggles, challenges, and success models. With this glimmer of awareness... Read more.


Investing Passion at Work

The investment of passion multiplies upon itself and is contagious. Your direct enthusiasm expressed will be picked up by others and the zeal for the moment or cause will be carried on in a ripple effect, motivating others you never met.... Read more.


Conquering the Email Monster

When I worked for my previous employer, I developed a work habit of emptying my email inbox at the end of every day. This worked great when my tasks were straightforward and there weren't any blurred lines of responsibility. Now, as an entrepreneur, there are no lines of responsibility; it all falls on my desk unless I delegate or assign specific roles to my team members.... Read more.


Behind Your System

We believe the company offering the system is as much a part of the system solution as the actual system, although this is often overlooked. Providing a system without understanding the market is a disservice to the customer, just as attempting to support and train the end-user with little to no understanding.... Read more.


The Electric Motor Shop Comedy Club; Edition One

Before you report me to the political correct police for being insensitive to those who do not work in an electric motor shop, please allow me to point out that if you do not understand the joke, it is not for you. We are not laughing at you, but more so ourselves and the strange jargon ... Read more.

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Regular Support Hours

Our regular system support hours are 8:00 am to 6:00 pm EST, on business days (weekdays and non-holidays). Additional support time can be arranged in advance. Emergency support services are offered on a time and expense basis.


New Year's Day, January 2nd. Memorial Day, May 29th. Independence Day, July 4th. Labor Day, September 4th. Thanksgiving Day, November 23rd and 24th. Christmas Eve, December 22nd. Christmas Day, December 25th. New Year's Eve, December 29th.

By observing these holidays, the company will be closed for business. In the event there are special circumstances surrounding a customer or project, arrangements should be made in advance with as much prior notice as possible.